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I am a researcher broadly focusing on program analysis, software and system security. In the past, I did some projects to secure software by customizing Linux Kernel, Compiler (GCC, LLVM). Recently, I was trying to solve security problems through program analysis and deep learning.


Pennsylvania State University
Sep. 2019 - Present
Ph.D student in College of Information Science and Technology
Major: Informatics
Advisor: Peng Liu
Nanjing University
Sep. 2016 - Jul.2019
M.S. in Department of Computer Science and Technology, I was very lucky to work with nice professor and group. more
Major: Computer Science and Technology
Advisor: Bing Mao
Penn State University
Feb. 2018 - Sep. 2018
Visting Research Scholar(Research Assistant) in College of Information Science and Technology, Penn State University
Zhengzhou University
Sep. 2012 - Jul. 2016
Earned Dachelor's Degree of Computer Science and Technology
- GPA: 3.6/4.0    - Ranking: 1/240

Current Research Interests

-To solve the security problem through deep learning;
-To detect, analyze and solve system and software problems with dynamic and static program analysis;
-To deploy security strategies by modifing the Kernel and Compiler;
-To secure the system and software via hardware's new features (e.g., ARM ETM and Intel AES-NI);


Deep Learning, System and software Security Technology;  Static and Dynamic Program Analysis;   Program Compilation;   Linux Kernel;

Current Research Projects

- To solve security problem through transfer learning.
- Deep learning assisted malware analysis and vulnerability analysis.
- The trade-offs in control-flow integrity.


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Arxiv Preprints

  1. Zhilong Wang, Haizhou Wang, Hong Hu, and Peng Liu. 2021. "Identifying Non-Control Security-Critical Data in Program Binaries with a Deep Neural Model." arXiv:2108.12071, 2021. download
  2. Zhilong Wang, Li Yu, Suhang Wang, and Peng Liu. 2021. "Spotting Silent Buffer Overflows in Execution Trace through Graph Neural Network Assisted Data Flow Analysis." arXiv:2102.10452, 2021. download

Service Experience

Shadow Program Committee Member

  1. The European Conference on Computer Systems (EuroSys)


  1. The Journal of Computer Security
  2. International Conference on Signal and Image Processing (SIPRO)

External Reviewer

  1. IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks
    2021, 2020